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Informed Consent Hypnotherapist Service Agreement

Welcome to Mindpath Makers.  This document contains important information about our professional services and business policies. It is information around privacy and confidentiality and patient rights about using and disclosing your information. You must understand this document so please contact us if you have any questions. The document represents an agreement between us once you have signed. You as the client and we as the Hypnotherapists have certain rights and responsibilities. There are also legal limits to those rights that you should be aware of. These rights and responsibilities are described in the following sections.

The Goals of Hypnotherapy

There can be many goals for the hypnotherapy relationship. Some of these will be long-term goals such as improving the quality of your life and learning to live with mindfulness and self-actualisation. Others may be more immediate goals such as decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms, developing healthy relationships, changing behaviour or decreasing/ending drug use. Whatever the goals for hypnotherapy, they will be set by you the client according to what you want to work on in hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist may make suggestions on how to reach that goal but you decide where you want to go.

The Risks and Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an intensely personal process which can bring unpleasant memories or emotions to the surface. There are no guarantees that hypnotherapy will work for you. Clients can sometimes make improvements only to go backwards after a time. Progress may happen slowly. Hypnotherapy requires a very active effort on your part. To be most successful, you will have to work on things we discuss outside of sessions. However, there are many benefits to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you develop coping skills, make behavioural changes, reduce symptoms of mental health disorders, improve the quality of your life, learn to manage anger, learn to live in the present and many other advantages.


Appointments will normally be 50-60 minutes in length, once per week at a day and time we agree upon. Sometimes the frequency of these sessions may be more or less frequent as needed. The time for your appointment is kept for you and you alone. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. If you miss a session without cancelling or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice you may be required to pay for the session (unless we both agree that you were unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control). In addition, you are responsible for arriving at your session on time. If you are late, your appointment will still need to end on time.


At Mindpath Makers we make every effort to keep your personal information private. If you wish to have information released, you must sign a consent form before such information is released. There are some limitations to the confidentiality of which you need to be aware. As your hypnotherapist, we may consult with a supervisor or other professional hypnotherapist to give you the best service. If we consult with another hypnotherapist, no identifying information such as your name would be released. Hypnotherapists are required by law to release information when the client poses a risk to themselves or others and in cases of abuse to children or the elderly. If Mindpath Makers receives a court order or subpoena, we may be required to release some information. In such a case, Mindpath Makers will consult with other professionals and limit the release to only what is necessary by law.

Confidentiality and Technology

Some clients may choose to use technology in their hypnotherapy sessions. This includes but is not limited to online hypnotherapy via Zoom, telephone, email, text or chat. Due to the nature of online hypnotherapy, there is always the possibility that unauthorised persons may attempt to discover your personal information. Mindpath Makers will take every precaution to safeguard your information but cannot guarantee that unauthorised access to electronic communications could not occur. Please be advised to take precautions about authorised and unauthorised access to any technology used in hypnotherapy sessions. Be aware of any friends, family members, significant others or co-workers who may have access to your computer, phone or other technology used in your hypnotherapy sessions. 

Record Keeping

Records of your Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy sessions and treatment plans are kept by Mindpath Makers. These records are kept to ensure a direction to your sessions and continuity in service. These records will be kept for at least 7 years but may be kept longer. Records will be kept either electronically in a password-protected digital file or in a lockable filing cabinet kept in the office. These records will not be shared except concerning the limits to confidentiality discussed in the Confidentiality section.

Professional Fees

The balance of the session is due at the time of your session unless prior arrangements have been made. Payments can be made by card or direct debit, cheques are not accepted. Please note fees are non-negotiable and are subject to change at Mindpath Makers’ discretion.

Fee Schedule

$185 per session

$600 for a four-session package, paid at the end of the first session (saving of $140)

Contacting us

Feel free to call us during office hours anytime. Please note that we do not answer our phones when we are with clients or otherwise unavailable. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer and we will return your call as soon as possible. It may at times take up to a couple of days to return your call for non-urgent matters. If you ever feel you cannot wait for a return call or it is an emergency, please go to your hospital or call 000.


Your email address is collected as part of your intake form. As your hypnotherapist, we may use your email address to check in with you if you have ended your therapy sessions suddenly. We may also use your email address to send newsletters with valuable therapeutic information such as tips for depression, anxiety, insomnia or relaxation techniques. Mindpath Makers also has a blog and we may send information through email about subscribing to the blog or information related to mental health and wellness. Mindpath Makers also offers services around yoga, meditation and energy healing and may send information about these services, related workshops or events.